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Fundraiser for a facility to give shelter and nurture to the homeless and abandoned people

UDAAN Society is venturing out to help the homeless, destitute, oppressed, helpless, mental and physically sick people who are found on the streets, railway station, and bus stands by making a shelter for them to stay and get stable again, a home for them away from their home. Usually, these people are abandoned from their own homes due to their unstable mental health. We aim to provide a good living environment with professional help to improve their mental health, teach them new skills and make them confident about life again. For this, we need your help. This project will incur a huge financial burden for us which will go into buying the land, making the building, and getting helping staff and professional help to provide these people with an environment that we hope for. For more details contact us on 9837067681 or mail us at [email protected]


Rs 0/- Raised of Rs 5000000/- Goal

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