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Childline Provided Treatment To Newborn Baby Found in the bushes in Aligarh District

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According to the information received by the Childline operated by Udaan Society, the newborn found in Raipur Khas village of Aligarh police station Pali Mukimpur was admitted to the medical, around 10 am on Friday, Natre Yadav, son Sonprasad, a resident of Raipur Khas and other villagers were found a Newborn baby in the bushes. Newborn baby found crying. The wild animals were injuring the child with their claws, somehow the villagers freed the child from the animals and cleaned it by cutting his cord, immediately the little Yadav brought him to his house and milk etc. Pilama seeing the child crying and on the advice of other villagers he Took the child to the government hospital located in Bijauli, where he was also injected with tetanus, after which someone informed the police station, Pali Mukimpur, the District Probation Officer Sweta Singh was informed about the child at 10 o’clock in the night. Immediately told Gyanendra Mishra, Director of Childline, about the hapless child and asked the team to go to the spot. Received the child and registered GD from the police station! Mohanlal Gautam admitted to the woman at 1:30 am, from where the condition of the child was critical, the child was referred to the medical college, the child is still admitted to the S NCU in the medical college, the police is trying to gather other information about the child.

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