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Help Poornima to Revive After House Fire

Burnt House
Goal: ₹ 40000

Story of Purnima Sharma

Purnima Sharma, a resident of Narora district Bulandshahr, is a housewife. After her husband’s death eight years ago, she was running a medical store to support her family. When that medical store got closed, she came to Aligarh to help in her children education and livelihood.

Here also she started working in a pathology lab to support her daily needs almost six months ago. But destiny did not leave her alone and the pathology lab operator with whom she was working also died prematurely due to which she lost her job. In such a situation, Purnima is left with no source of income.

House got burnt due to exploding of a cylinder

Recently when she and her family was gone for a temple visit somehow during that period her house caught fire due to exploding of a cylinder, their neighbors immediately informed them about the tragedy.

Then Purnima Sharma called the police. The police arrived and took control of the scene, the situation calmed down.

But whatever little belongings were there were burnt to ashes. she had to leave that rented house also. Currently, she is living with her children in Quarsi area.

She needs our support

In the blink of an eye, everything changed for her and her family. A fire ripped through her home, leaving behind nothing but ashes and heartbreak. She’s lost not just a roof over her head, but irreplaceable belongings that held memories close to her heart.

We can’t erase the pain of this loss, but together we can help them rise from the ashes. Every donation, big or small, brings her closer to a new beginning. Your contribution will help her secure safe shelter, replace essential items, and begin the long road to healing. Imagine the relief on her face when she knows she’s not facing this alone.

Please, donate what you can today. Let’s join hands and show them the strength of community in the face of adversity. Together, we can help her rebuild her life, brick by brick, hope by hope.

News of Fire on local news portal

Burnt House

Burnt House

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