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Social Workers Extended Helping Hand for the district prison (Prisoners and Managers)

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Aligarh Report! When the whole country is battling the second wave of corona, the social organizations and social workers of the district have also extended a helping hand to keep the prisoners imprisoned in Aligarh district jail safe from this wave of corona. Due to which arrangements have been made for soap for washing hands of prisoners detained in district jail and induction stove for steaming women prisoners in women prison. According to Senior Jail Superintendent Vipin Kumar Mishra, he is constantly making efforts for the safety of the prisoners during the Corona period. Under which he had established contact with the office bearers of Udaan Society, an active social organization in the district, and requested them to give soap for washing the hands of the prisoners, accepting which the organization has provided three thousand soaps so far. Along with this, Kameshwar Prasad Garg, a prominent social worker and well-known industrialist of the district, has also provided an induction stove for fourteen hundred soaps and steam facility to the women prisoners detained in the women’s prison. For which these people deserve thanks. Senior Jail Superintendent said that in the past also, Arsenic album tablets have been given to the prisoners through Homeopathic Medical College located at Cherat and they are being continuously consumed Ayurvedic decoction. Udaan Society President Gyanendra Mishra said that in the second wave of Corona, the organization is doing the work of helping more and more people while discharging its social responsibility like last year. Renu Mittal, Poonam Pali, Shubha Kaushik, Sunita Varshney, Nazima Masood, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Apoorva Maheshwari, Ahmed Mujtaba etc. have provided soap on the request of the organization for district prison. On behalf of the institution, Sanjay Sharma handed over the senior jail superintendent. Jailor PK Singh, Deputy Jailor Sanjay Shahi and Aftab Ahmed Ansari were also present on this occasion.

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