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Udaan Society Organized Debate Competition On the Subject Of Dowry System, Evil or Social Prestige

image - school kids participating in debate

Aligarh 26 November: On the occasion of Dowry Prohibition Day, Udan Society organized a debate competition among the children of Vishwa Bharti Public School on the subject of dowry system, evil or social prestige. Where the children of class eight and nine put their point of view logically in favor and against dowry. From the definition of dowry to the gift, the children justified the cooperation given to the newlyweds without any pressure. On the other hand, in its opposition, the children told the bride as dowry. Earlier, Udaan Society President Gyanendra Mishra provided information to the children about Dowry Prohibition Day and Constitution Day. After this, senior social worker Renu Mittal inspired the children to stand on their feet by reading and writing to avoid the evil practice of dowry and culture in the children. School director Sunita Singh encouraged the children. School teachers Neelu Maheshwari and Rimjhim assisted in making the program a success.

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